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What is augmented reality?

We combine the real world with virtual reality – With a mobile device’s camera focused on a given place, the attached digital content will appear.


New dimension for your printed tools

We combine the image of the real world with virtual reality. With a mobile device’s camera focused on a given place, the connected digital content will appear, in other words, expands our perceived reality with the audiovisual content of the virtual reality. This is Augmented Reality (AR).

We can connect 3D multimedia contents,- which we can view from more angles, we can walk around it, like it was really in front of us -, interactive apps, simple texts, or any web URLs to printed publications, to exact geographical locations, or to the graphics surrounding us.

Try it now!

1. Download the ARRA application from the App Store or Google Play!

2. Start the application.

3. Try it on this picture!

Click here!

4. You can download more markers here. Print it out and read it with the ARRA app!

More Markers

In which fields can you use AR?

With the AR technology we can create practical and spectacular products. According to this we can use it in several fields: education, retail, marketing, designing and modelling, architecture, exhibition, industrial fabrication and production, or rather tourism and games.

The future is here!