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What is augmented reality?

We combine the real world with virtual reality – With a mobile device’s camera focused on a given place, the attached digital content will appear.


New dimension for your printed tools

We combine the image of the real world with virtual reality. With a mobile device’s camera focused on a given place, the connected digital content will appear, in other words, expands our perceived reality with the audiovisual content of the virtual reality. This is Augmented Reality (AR).

We can connect 3D multimedia contents,- which we can view from more angles, we can walk around it, like it was really in front of us -, interactive apps, simple texts, or any web URLs to printed publications, to exact geographical locations, or to the graphics surrounding us.

Try it now!

1. Download the ARRA application from the App Store or Google Play!

2. Start the application.

3. Try it on this picture!

Click here!

4. You can download more markers here. Print it out and read it with the ARRA app!

More Markers

In which fields can you use AR?

With the AR technology we can create practical and spectacular products. According to this we can use it in several fields: education, retail, marketing, designing and modelling, architecture, exhibition, industrial fabrication and production, or rather tourism and games.


In the last few decades education has underwent a complete transformation, nowadays digital devices are in the spotlight. These modern technologies facilitate learning and teaching processes.
By using augmented reality you can reach a new height. Students will not simply watch a video, through AR technology digital content comes to life. These experiences make students more engaged and the virtual elements embedded into real life help them better understand and memorize the curriculum.


Nowadays you can buy anything online, have a look at a piece of clothing or a mobile phone from all angles and sides, zoom in on pictures or change the colour and so on. AR presents an even larger scale of opportunities since you can hold the digital replica of the original product in the palm of your hands. You can try on the chosen clothing, take a look at the structure of the product or inspect the inside of it without any hassle. Through AR you can familiarize yourself with the product better and grasp a deeper understanding of it.


Augmented reality is the latest cutting-edge marketing tool for enterprises to reach a significant target group within a short period of time. AR has countless ways of implementation: 3D objects, videos, interactive buttons and even more complex programs can be visualized through it. An excellent example is virtual clothes fitting which has already been implemented by several companies including Decathlon. Another field of use is IKEA’s innovation where you can project a digital copy of the chosen furniture to your own room and see which colors, sizes and shapes fit there. Larger enterprises are fond of AR solutions but it’s yet to break through in Hungary despite the enormous inherent potential.

Designing, Modelling, Presenting

Instead of the endless chart and map making architects can work directly with 3D models which allows more accurate designing and minimises the risk of errors since any mistake made can be immediately seen on the 3D model. Furthermore, you can use the technology to invite future clients and owners on a virtual tour around the building to show them the final outcome even before the construction begins. All parties gain with this technology: the clients are satisfied since the desired edifice comes to life in front of them and the architects can visualize the concept which lived only in their minds earlier.

Exhibitions, Museums

Several objects and products can’t be simply wrapped and transported to another city or even an other county due to their enormous size. That’s when AR comes into the picture since it can visualize the product or its inner functioning with a lifelike 3D copy. Even a sculpture, a picture or any other work of art could come to life with its creator’s image standing next to it, providing information about the creation. Through AR you can reach out to your target group in an exciting and spectacular way and engage them with this unique experience.

Industrial manufacturing

Corporations have to adapt to the increased production demands which require more rapid and precise work processes. The copies of machines created in virtual space are called digital twins which can be used for various purposes including maintenance, designing and real-time production monitoring. Through these you receive a comprehensive overview which allows you to establish a more effective and calculable production process since you can use the real-time data to schedule the necessary maintenances and machine stoppages. Siemens’ Plant Simulation software solution is an excellent example for production planning and logistics system simulations.


AR vaulted into prominence with the launch of Pokemon GO and since then any movie hero or book character can be brought to life thus expanding the possibilites of reality.


Augmented reality allows you to admire the scenery of any location without the usual inconveniences of travelling, you don’t have to be physically present to enjoy a lifelike experience. You can save money, time and energy without sacrificing visiting your dream destinations.

A new generation of printed brochures: The whole story comes to life through one cover picture!

Try it for yourself! Download the ARRA application and focus your mobile phone’s camera on the picture!

Click here for videos!

Hungarian ABC, perimeter and surface area, traditional writing (J, LY)

The Fixi learning worksheets make studying a pleasure! Entertaining and kind animated characters help children learn the material through a swifter and easier method.
Try it for yourself! Download the ARRA application and focus your mobile phone’s camera on the picture

Ízelítőt a videókból itt talál!

Stiefel Virtual Zoo

Would you like to have a tiger at home?

Of course it  would be one that doesn’t bite, moreover, you can pet it. Through the Stiefel Virtual Zoo you can make 10 of the WWF Hungary protected animals appear in your office, school or apartment.

How? We’ll show right away!

To visualize the 3D animal models created with the support of Duna Plaza and the co-operation of WWF Hungary all you have to do is download the Stiefel ARRA application from AppStore or Google play. Install the application, print the animal pictures (these are the so called markers), cut them at the signs, start the application and then focus the camera on the marker – and just like that the chosen animal instanly appears. The markers can also be printed and in black and white and the bigger size you print the marker, the bigger the appearing animal is.

You can also install the application by scanning the QR code on the marker. The application requires internet connection and unfortunately it doesn’t work on Windows phones.

You can dowload the markers from here (click on the picture, download it and then print it!)

mini marker
digitális állatkert 1
dino marker
dinó a múzeumban

We had to place a fitting marker in a permanent exhibition’s showroom and we chose a green leaf silhouette. Through that you can see in the ARRA app the 3D dinosaur reconstruction above the footprints.

You can also have a look at our dinosaur by focusing your camera in the ARRA app on the marker on the left side!

Have your own unique and modern business card with ARRA! Through this you partners will not only get the necessary information about you and your company but also a complete verbal introduction!

Sit down with János Arany.

The future is here!


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